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Thread Lifts - The No-Surgery - Face Lifting Alternative


What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts, often referred to as brand names such as Feather Lift, Silhouette Lift, Contour Lift or Happy Lift, are another important method that is gaining in popularity and efficacy. Also known as suture lifts, thread lifts involve the use of threads or sutures made from the same materials used in surgery to close wounds. When placed under the skin, they can be used to tighten and volumize areas of the skin that are loose or sagging. Much like suspension cables, they are designed to hold up the skin in place, and provide a supportive structure that defies the effects of gravity and aging.

Thread lifts are a convenient facial rejuvenation alternative, that require no general anesthesia, hospitalization, or long recovery, and gives immediate results.

While thread lifts are not a replacement for a full face lift where excess skin needs to be removed, they are an ideal option for those who want a natural yet unmistakable improvement, without all the stress and worries of a full surgical procedure. 

How are thread lift performed?

A Thread Lift involves the use of a thread that is inserted under the skin in a way that helps the skin be lifted. 

Some techniques require a small incision to be made at the entry point, while the newest methods need only a puncture wound to be created with a large gauge needle. A thread is then inserted along the previously marked lines. Once tightened, the thread's cones or hooks help to hold the skin in a lifted position. 

 The results are immediately visible and continue to improve in the next 2 months as collagen remodeling takes effect. The threads are invisible, although can sometimes be palpated (felt with the fingers) in certain areas. Some patients feel minimal discomfort such as a slight ache or sensation while chewing or smiling, but this fades within the first week. Slight dimpling, bruising, and swelling is normal within the first few days, but improve rapidly as the sutures are absorbed. The incisions made for the entry and exit points are tiny and heal without unsightly stitches. 

Areas which can be treated include:



·       Eye Brows - line lifting


·       Cheeks - cheek fat repositioning and contouring


·       Nasal - correct for widely flared nostrils and improve nasal shape


·       Lips - improve lip shape and contours


·       Jowls - lift lower jaw area to improve and tighten jowl shape and contour


·       Neckline - reduce turkey neck effect and return youthful contours to neckline


What makes your Thread Lift treatment at NJ Anti Aging Clinic unique

1. Dr. Metelitsin and our medical aestheticians will examine your skin to first determine the best   course of treatment that will achieve the improvement you want. We can design a customized, comprehensive treatment program just for you. Your program may include complementary procedures and/or medical-grade products that will allow you to see a visible enhancement of your body contour.

2. We have extensive training and experience in using the advance technology applied during your treatment. Our clients travel from around the world for treatments, because they trust Dr. Metelitsin. Her personalized plans produce beautiful, non-invasive results, and natural results.

3. Your improvement will be assessed after each session to determine how you’re progressing in your treatment. A complementary treatment may be recommended that can facilitate your progression.

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